Like our building, The Roebuck’s drinks selection is a vibrant mix of the traditional and the new.

We pride ourselves on our selection of old favorites and the lesser known. We always have 3 real ales available from our hand pumps, which have been carefully selected from London and the surrounding areas. You’ll find old style local ales from the likes of Truman’s Brewery Est. 1666 alongside up and coming breweries who like to push the boundaries a little such as Sam Brookes Est. 2008.

We have been a strong supporter of Meantime Brewery, Greenwich since their birth and you can always find 3 of their quality brews available on tap. Whether a fruity wheat beer or the complex and hoppy Yakima Red, the Meantime range always delivers that special something.

For the cider drinkers among you we stock Cotswold cider. Cloudy in appearance with a dry finish this tipple is typical of a traditional West Country cider. Also available from the Cotswold Brewing Company, we have an English Lager called Cotswold Premium. This golden lager is light & crisp on the tongue and goes to prove that it’s not only the Europeans who can brew a top class pilsner.

Speaking of pilsner, those who like to live life on the dark side will love Budvar Dark. This bohemian style lager, voted Best Lager in the World at the 2012 World Beer Awards, is brewed using Munich, caramel and toasted malts and is perfect for sipping on those long cold winter evenings.

Our wine list offers old world classics like our Italian Pinot Grigio or French Cotes du Rhone, or you may want to throw caution to the wind and try something from our new world selection. A South African Chenin Blanc or a Mexican Cabernet-Malbec will always satisfy those feeling adventurous.

Like our wines, our bottled beers hail from all corners of the world. For the traditionalist , we have award winning Belgians like Vedett and classic Czech pilsners such as Budvar. Why not go for one of our American craft beers like Anchor Steam or Sierra Nevada, the beer that helped fuel the new wave of US microbreweries.

If you’re the spirited type you may like to take on a traditional rye whiskey from Pikesville USA, the Vodka classic that is Stolichnaya or something more current day like Sipsmith Gin, the latest in a long list of quality juniper juice hailing from London.

If all of the above has you scratching your head, just ask one of our friendly bar staff and they will be happy to suggest something to tickle your taste buds.

The Roebuck,
50 Great Dover Street,

tel: 020 7357 7324
A Parched London Ltd. pub